All of our volunteer advocates receive a comprehensive 30-hour training program prior to being assigned to a case.  The program was designed by the National CASA organization and covers topics including:

  1. Roles and responsibilities in the child protection system
  2. Children’s well-being
  3. Trauma and resilience
  4. Mental health
  5. Substance abuse
  6. Domestic violence
  7. Poverty
  8. Cultural competence
  9. Educational advocacy
  10. Communication and confidentiality
  11. Gathering information
  12. Reporting and monitoring

​Access the curriculum by clicking the "Curriculum 2019" link above.  The PDF that will open has links to all of the training materials.

In-Service Training:  National CASA standards require all advocates to complete twelve hours of in-service continuing education and training annually.  In-service training is offered no less than six times a year and arranged by program staff.  Additionally, advocates may receive credit for other training courses or seminars or independent study not specifically planned by program staff but still relevant to the work of the CASA advocate.

The schedule for upcoming pre-service and in-service training sessions can be found by clicking the "Training Calendar" link above.​  Previous months' in-service trainings are available by clicking the "In-Service Training" link above.

​For questions or to sign up for a pre-service session, please contact

Volunteer Training

The older hybrid curriculum is still available at the "Curriculum 2007" link above.  Volunteers who began training with the prior curriculum may still complete their training without having to start over using the new curriculum until July 20, 2019.

Prior Curriculum