Once a CASA volunteer completes their 30 hours of Guardian ad Litem training they are assigned to a case. The CASA volunteer works with the child(ren) one-on-one, but they do not work alone. Each volunteer is supported by the highly qualified staff members and is able to apply the material learned during the pre-service training.  The learning does not end here! 

Each year CASA Volunteers are required to maintain 12 additional in-service hours.  Locally we use a rolling calendar year to calculate and tack in-service hours.  A “rolling calendar year” is a look back over the last 12 months from today's date; you would need to have 12 continuing educational units within those last 12 months.  As days progress, the time accrued at the furthest date fall off, if outside the 12 month look back, and hours earned most recently are added to the total of in-service hours.  


For more information on how to enroll contact the office at 208.746.3378 or email 2ndjudcasa@gmail.com.

2nd Judicial District CASA