Duties of


Volunteer ​​

Initial screening of potential GAL advocate advocates is achieved in five (5) steps

-A completed application must be submitted by the applicant in person for a pre-interview

-Three (3) references from persons unrelated to the applicant are obtained

-A release of information for appropriate background checks is obtained and all advocates are required by Idaho Code to complete background checks prior to receiving a case and at least every two years thereafter. Included in the background checks are the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare child abuse central registry, National Sex Offender’s registry and finger print FBI National Criminal Investigation Checks (NCIC).

-Attend CASA/GAL pre-service training

-Final determination of placement in the program will be decided upon after a final screening and passing of the background check.

How to become

a casa

Volunteer ​​

What is 

a casa

Volunteer ​​

-To meet with the children appointed in the case at least once monthly

-To conduct an independent factual     investigation of the circumstances of the children including, without limitation, the circumstance described in the       petition.

-To file with the court a written report stating the results of the investigation recommendations and such other I      information as the court may require.

-To act as an advocate for the children for whom appointed at each stage of        proceedings. To participate fully in the court proceedings and, to the degree  necessary, adequately represent the child, and shall be entitled to confer with the children.

¨ To facilitate and negotiate to insure that the courts, the Department of Health and Welfare, Child and Family services and other service providers fulfill their      obligations to the children in a timely fashion.

-To monitor the circumstances of the  children to assure compliance with terms of the court’s orders are being fulfilled and remain in the best interest of the children.

-To maintain all information regarding the case confidential and to not disclose the same except to the court or other  parties to the case.

Guardians ad Litem (GALs), also known as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), provide community volunteer advocacy for abused and neglected children pursuant to statute. After a thorough investigation, the GAL volunteer prepares a report outlining the history of the case, the services that are available for the child and family, and ultimately, makes a recommendation about what is in the best interests of the child. Our judges use this and other information to make an informed decision and create better outcomes for abused and/or neglected children all across Idaho